About Major Cox

Major Cox began his journey on the southeast Alabama farm of his birth, in 1940. As a child, growing up surrounded by an extended family of countless relatives, Charles and Juanita Cox made their second son feel special. When talking about his early life Major says, “I don’t remember any unhappy times at the farm, we were always happy there.” 

The tranquility of the family’s rural life would last until Major was 13 years old. In 1953, the family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where Major and his five siblings… five more would be born in Ohio… became urban dwellers with a rural heart. 

Pvt Major Cox, US Army

Pvt Major Cox, US Army

 After graduating from high school, Major embarked on an odyssey that would take him to five continents and span thirty five years. 

As a young soldier, he roamed around Europe for five years. He returned to the western United States (Washington, Oregon, California) for a period, then went to southeast Asia to fight in the Vietnam War. 

Major in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower

Major in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower

 Major retired from the Army after Vietnam. He became a Private Investigator and continued his odyssey, making more than a dozen trips to Europe as a private citizen. The wine country on the frontier of Spain remains his favorite
European haunt. 

A trip to South Africa and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, attracted Major to southern Africa. While there, he met with Ian Smith and other leaders of that “outlaw” nation. After spending time in the former South African Homeland of Transki, Major return to the United States to operate his detective agency

In addition to operating the agency, Major owned Entowne, Inc. a real estate development company and Agravic, Inc. which operated Skippers, an innovative Cincinnati nightclub. 

In 1980, Major met Margaret Meier. He sold both businesses and closed his detective agency in order to devote full time to her engineering career. Two years later, they were married in Puerto Rico where they lived until returning to his place of birth, the Cox Plantation in Alabama. 

When Major and his new bride returned to the old family homestead in Smuteye, more than thirty years had passed since he lived there as a happy child. The old cotton plantation had been abandoned. It required a Herculean effort to bring it into a habitable condition. Undaunted by the challenge, Major and Margaret personified Don Quixote and Sancho Panza as they began restoration of the 150 year old dog trot home, the centerpiece of the project . 

Along the way, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Troy University in Montgomery (formerly TSUM) and a Masters in Political Science from Auburn University in Montgomery  (formerly AUM). 

Big House ~2007

Big House in 2007 - Read about the restoration at www.smuteye.com/plantation.

Today, they continue work on restoration projects at the plantation which has come to define their lives. You can read more at www.smuteye.com/plantation Major writes, proselytizes, and supports social and civic associations which further his beliefs. 

Major Cox’s columns appeared regularly in the Montgomery Advertiser through 1998 as well as other regional and national publications. He is currently focusing his writing talents on longer-term projects.  He farms trees and raises American Quarter Horses at the plantation.

Big House ~ 1996

Big House ~ 1996