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Major Cox ~ 1970s

Major Cox ~ 1970s

The following links do not reflect the views of Major Cox, but offer additional information and other perspectives on issues discussed in his work.

Buffalo Soldiers of Northern California – This site includes information and links to additional Buffalo Soldiers Web sites.

Old Alabama Rails – The Western of Alabama Festival Center was envisioned as a mixed-use recreational destination blending interpretation, education, entertainment, hospitality, dining and retail in an immersive environment themed to railroad history in the greater Montgomery area. The storyline-driven experience will be woven around and throughout the restored Western Railway of Alabama yards, adaptively re-using several of the original extant structures and re-creating many that were removed subsequent to abandonment of the site in the late nineteen sixties. was…

Interracial Marriage – Alabama was the last state to have a constitutional ban of interracial marriage. Links to articles and related issues.

Female Buffalo Soldier, Cathay Williams – Read more of the story of Cathay Williams. The site also highlights the Buffalo Soldier Educational and Historical Committee, PO Box 3372, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027.  ( )

Dear Mr. Cox,

I thought you may be interested in one of my recent productions, as I understand it is the only theatrical piece in the country right now honoring the life of Cathay Williams, America’s only known female Buffalo Soldier. An excerpt from the play served as the kickoff for the Smithsonian’s Institution’s Women History Month Events in Washington, DC. ( ). As this play gains wider exposure, I like to keep myself abreast of others who are helping to spread her story through various means. I welcome your correspondence.


Melodie L.C. Thompson

Read more of the story of Cathay Williams. The site also highlights the Buffalo Soldier Educational and Historical Committee, PO Box 3372, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027.

National Conference on Whiteness – This conference, last held in 1997, was for people of all racial backgrounds who would like to better understand the ways in which whiteness and white culture contribute to the perpetuation of racism and are looking for allies and resources in their work to eliminate racism.

5 White Guys Sitting Around Talking (link expired) – Five white men discuss affirmative action and the wider subject of their whiteness. Carnegie Mellon University.

White Folks – Lowell Thompson’s “White Folks: Seeing America Through Black Eyes. Live Sean Heron’s reality, “I can’t be white unless someone isn’t.” (

The Unbearable Being of Whiteness -You worship  your melanin level – Get over it (link,, may be expired) – Eric Liu, an American of Chinese descent ponders whiteness.

Nation of Islam – Home page of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam provides a history of the religion and other related information. (

Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – – The Muammar Al Qadhafi and the Libyan lobby’s pleas to the United States. (

David Duke Report Online – David Duke’s web site presents various arguments for racial separation sites. (

Stormfront – White Pride World Wide – the White Nationalist Resource Page.

Pegasus Networks, Global Cooperation for a Better World – (link may be expired) – An Australian Network.

One America — “Building one America is our most important mission…money cannot buy it. Power cannot compel it. Technology cannot create it. It can only come from the human spirit.” President Clinton, February 4, 1997 (

Lt. Kelly Flinn’s Legal Defense Home Page — Former Lt. Flinn’s Legal Defense Home Page offers additional information which provides her side of this issue.

Race Traitor — Race Traitor is a newsletter that offers an eye-opening perspective on the causes and solutions to the race-based problems facing our nation today. This site offers several more valuable links. (

Making and Unmaking of Whiteness — Web site for the University of California Berkeley conference, “Making and Unmaking of Whiteness” held in April 1997.

The Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc. – — The Center maintains a site with an interesting array of ideas about “whiteness” in American society. (

Interracial Voice — “The voice of the Global Mixed-Race/Interracial Movement!” — This publication advocates universal recognition of mixed-race individuals as constituting a separate “racial” entity and supports the initiative to establish a multiracial category on the Year 2000 Census. (

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