Leaders Agree: Preserve Valuable History

Readers may recall the position this column took last year with respect to Black History Month. That column suggested we end the practice of defining and separating our history by race. On 7 November 1994, a group of Alabama’s civic and political leaders took an important step toward combining American civil rights history. U.S. . . . → Read More: Leaders Agree: Preserve Valuable History

The Historical Record

February is Black History Month, and the controversy surrounding a separate recognition of the history of African Americans is with us again. Throughout this month, schools, the news media, museums, businesses and other institutions will highlight the, legacy and heroes and heroines of black America. Alabama Public Television, to cite just one example, has . . . → Read More: The Historical Record

It’s time to end Black History Month

It’s time to stop imposing a separate black history upon Americans. Black History month divides society racially by highlighting a separate systematic account of what happened in the lives and development of Americans with African blood as opposed to the lives of Americans without African ancestry. Black History Month is the manifestation of a reconstructed Jim Crow, the intellectual equivalent to the “Negro or Colored Pages” published by white newspapers during the era of racial segregation. . . . → Read More: It’s time to end Black History Month