Chain Gangs Newest Wedge Issue

Today, Alabama confines 19,838 prisoners. We house these inmates in 18 major inmate facilities, 2 work camps, and 11 work release centers. According to Department of Corrections Researcher, Thomas Gilkerson, the racial makeup of Alabama’s inmate population is 60/40 black to white for the male population and about the same ratio for the 1,100 female inmates. When asked if the Department of Corrections had an explanation for a 60 percent non-white incarceration rate given that population of the state is only 25 percent non-white, Mr. Gilkerson said that the department didn’t have any specific information based on research by their department. He felt that the disproportionally high rate of non-whites in Alabama prisons reflects the high rate of black on black crime in the state. . . . → Read More: Chain Gangs Newest Wedge Issue