Time To End Black History Month

It’s time to stop imposing a separate black history upon Americans. Black History Month divides society racially by highlighting a separate systematic account of what happened in the lives and development of Americans with African blood as opposed to the lives of Americans without African ancestry. Black History Month is the manifestation of a . . . → Read More: Time To End Black History Month

Alabama Quietly Ends Race Certification Policy

Abolitionist Wendell Phillips, more than a hundred years ago, described his generation as “chained” to the duty of eliminating race from American politics. Five generations later, we sometimes appear chained to that same intractable task. Yet, if one looks beyond today’s political rhetoric, that colors and confuses most issues with race, there is a . . . → Read More: Alabama Quietly Ends Race Certification Policy

Union Springs Women of Courage

Mrs. Virginia Durr (left) seated next to Mrs. Annie Mae Turner. The painting in the background is a Union Springs Street scene, a south view along Prairie Street.

Several weeks ago, I had a rare experience. I was present while Virginia Foster Durr and Annie Mae Paulk Turner talked about growing up in . . . → Read More: Union Springs Women of Courage

Historian Warns Against Resegregation

African Americans struggled for nearly a century to end legal segregation in our society. That battle was won over a quarter of a century ago, yet today, many children of those who struggled to end racial segregation want to resegregate America. It seems that many African American leaders are rejecting the gains made toward . . . → Read More: Historian Warns Against Resegregation