James, Moore Should Resign

The duplicity manifested in Judge Roy Moore’s and Governor Fob James’ public statements threatening to defy the lawful order of the courts renders both men unfit to continue serving in their respective offices. They should resign, so that their offices can be filled by officials who abide by their oath to uphold the constitution . . . → Read More: James, Moore Should Resign

Institutional Racism Still Oppresses

Traditionally, society does not consider a person racist for manifesting a culturally superior attitude about his or her language, religion, morality, manners or some other aspect of ethnicity. Such individuals are most often considered good citizens, proud of their family, community and heritage. Yet, contemporary American society is frequently labeling these individuals racist because . . . → Read More: Institutional Racism Still Oppresses

Affirmative Action Debate: Nation Must Not Set Aside Gains Made By Minorities

The affirmative action debate has grown very serious. The president has announced that he will cause a full review to be made of the programs. Presidential candidates have taken strong stands against affirmative action. There are congressional oversight hearings. A few angry white men have cried “reverse discrimination.” The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided in a 5-4 decision that the “government may treat people differently because of their race only for the most compelling reasons.” . . . → Read More: Affirmative Action Debate: Nation Must Not Set Aside Gains Made By Minorities

Affirmative Action Debate: Discrimination Would Remain Illegal in Nation

Just as the affirmative action debate soared in the turbulence of partisan politics, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively struck down the mother of all affirmative action…race-based congressional districts. It is ironic that Justice Clarence Thomas voted with the majority in the five to four decision. Ironic because many of Justice Thomas’ detractors during his confirmation process to the court went to great length explaining how he benefited from affirmative action. Branding the future United States Supreme Court Justice as a recipient of affirmative action was intended to stigmatize him, imply that he was unworthy to be a supreme court justice. . . . → Read More: Affirmative Action Debate: Discrimination Would Remain Illegal in Nation

Race, Gender Gains Anger Some Males

In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson defended affirmative action by arguing that you could not expect people who had been “hobbled” by years of segregation to compete equally. Today, affirmative action is under attack from several fronts. There are cases in Federal courts challenging racial preferences in laying off teachers, awarding contracts and admitting students. The new Republican majority in congress uses affirmative action to beat up on the Democratic Administration. On the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidates will surely run against affirmative action. And more states are certain to follow California’s lead; where organizers are trying to put an initiative on next year’s ballot banning state-sanctioned “preferential treatment” based on race or gender. . . . → Read More: Race, Gender Gains Anger Some Males

Court Settlement Best For Alabama

Speaking about self rule, Winston Churchill once jested, “Democracy is the worst form of government in the world, except all the other forms.”

Democracy as we understand it began on a rocky land-mass projecting into the Mediterranean at the base of Europe. It was there about 2,500 years ago that Greek tribes took control . . . → Read More: Court Settlement Best For Alabama