Interracial Marriage

Alabama is the last state to have a constitutional ban of interracial marriage. While no longer enforceable due to its conflict with US Law, many Alabamians want the archaic language removed from the state’s constitution. Major Cox has written on this and related topics on numerous occasions. He and Margaret, his wife, have appeared on television . . . → Read More: Interracial Marriage

Lovings Case’s Lessons Linger

According to various news accounts, early on the morning of July 15, 1958, Richard and Mildred Loving awoke in their bed with three flashlights shining in their eyes. A voice behind the lights demanded, “What are you doing in bed with this lady?”

“I am his wife,” Mildred answered. Richard pointed to their five . . . → Read More: Lovings Case’s Lessons Linger

New Rejection Of Liberalism Strikes At Core National Values

Alabama politicians, as well those in other states, are rejecting the fundamental principles of Liberalism in ever increasing numbers. Why are so many politicians, including Alabama Governor Fob James, turning away from our core values, as expressed by the founders of our country in the Constitution?

Religious freedom is one of our core values, . . . → Read More: New Rejection Of Liberalism Strikes At Core National Values